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About UOnline

Juggling school, work, family, and social obligations can be challenging. With UOnline, you can get the degree you need on the schedule you want.

The Strength of the University of Utah

As a UOnline student, you have the whole university behind you, with access to advisors and libraries and more.

Founded in 1850, the University of Utah ranks as one of the top 70 research universities in the world. As a preeminent research and teaching university with national and global reach, we provide unique opportunities for educational, personal and professional growth.

Imagine, Then Do - Imagine U

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Comparing UOnline and On-Campus Programs

What They Have in Common


UOnline and on-campus programs share the same accreditation.

Faculty & Instructors

Classes are taught by the same faculty and instructors as on-campus courses.


You can still ask questions and build connections with classmates and faculty.


A UOnline degree is a University of Utah degree. Transcripts do not indicate whether the degree was completed online or in-person.

Success Coaches

UOnline program students have access to coaches who understand the unique challenges online students face.

How They Are Different

UOnline Tuition

The in-state and out-of-state tuition* is the same for all undergraduate programs and some graduate programs.

*Tuition and fees vary by program and may increase every academic year.

On-Campus Tuition

Standard rates are higher for non-Utah residents. The tuition reduction employee benefit only applies to on-campus students.

UOnline Courses

UOnline students may only register for online courses. Space in the class is reserved for UOnline students.

On-Campus and
Online Flex Courses

On-campus students can take both on-campus and online flex courses.

UOnline Student Services

UOnline students have virtual access to university student services, including program advisors, the Career & Professional Development Center, the Graduate Writing Center, online library services, IT support, and more.

On-Campus UCard (Student ID)

On-campus students receive a UCard, which includes these benefits:
  • UTA pass (Trax/bus pass)
  • Access to the Student Life Center
  • Free admission to athletic events
  • Access to ASUU events

UOnline students are not eligible for these fee-supported services even if they obtain a UCard.


Frequently Asked Questions

Almost anyone who qualifies for admission to the University of Utah can declare into an eligible UOnline program

  • Students outside of Utah: UOnline Programs are approved for delivery to residents in all U.S. states and territories. Check our State Authorization page for details about your state. At this time we are not enrolling students physically residing in countries outside of the United States into UOnline Programs. 
  • Current on-campus students: If you would like to start taking all of your courses online, please talk to your advisor about changing your status to UOnline. You will not be able to take on-campus courses as a UOnline student.

The following people CANNOT enroll in UOnline Programs:

  • High school students. UOnline courses cannot be taken as concurrent enrollment or summer classes.
  • International students on an F-1 visa. You must take most of your classes on campus to fulfill visa requirements. You may take a limited number of online credits per semester as an on-campus student.

Online learning takes self-discipline and careful attention to managing time and deadlines. You are responsible for making sure you keep up with class topics and turn in assignments. While many online classes involve group projects and students often form virtual study groups, much of your study, readings, lecture, and assignments will be done on your own.

Our student success team and program advisors are happy to talk to you about the expectations of each program and how you can prepare, so please contact us if you have questions!

The U welcomes UOnline program students to access any of our campus-based support services offices or to connect with us via virtual appointments. UOnline program students are not eligible to use these select fee-supported services: UTA transit pass, Student Life Center, athletic events free admission, and ASUU social events that require a UCard for access.

As a declared UOnline Programs student, you will only be able to register for UOnline courses.  You will not have the option to register for on-campus courses.

Online courses follow the regular semester schedule, just like our on-campus classes. They start the first day of the semester and end 16 weeks later. These courses are not like an independent study program where you can take 9-12 months to complete the material and information. 

You will often have exams, such as a midterm or a final, which need to be completed within specific timeframes. All coursework and its corresponding timeframe are outlined on a syllabus you can access electronically. 

We give you a choice for how you can take your proctoring exam. Through our system, you'll be able to look up whether there is approved proctoring in your area. A small fee may be charged for access to their services. The other option is Uonline covers the cost of virtual proctoring with a webcam on your own computer in your home. An online course could have 2-3 proctored exams, on average. Each course syllabus will provide specific conditions and instructions for your exams.

Yes! Our advisors are very familiar with working with students that are not close to the campus. You can meet via phone call or through virtual video appointments. All of our UOnline Programs Academic Advisors are very responsive to emails as well. You can find their contact info on each program's page.

You must apply and be admitted to the University in order to participate in any UOnline Program. Declaring as a UOnline Programs student means that you intend to take all of your courses online to complete your degree. If you want to take both on-campus and online courses, you will need to apply as an on-campus student.

Apply Now

Once you have been admitted, you will need to pay an enrollment deposit, complete the online orientation, and meet with an academic advisor before you can register for classes. You’ll want to refer to the academic calendar and class schedules here.

Applications submitted with all the required documentation after the final deadline will be processed and considered on a space-available basis. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible as the University could close applications without notice after the final deadline.

Yes! College courses taken at a regionally accredited institution may transfer to the U. You will fill out the Transfer Student application. If you have fewer than 30 credit hours you will need to submit your official college and high school transcript as well as your ACT or SAT scores.

  • Test credits (AP, IB, CLEP, Language, etc.) do not apply toward the 30-credit requirement.
  • Concurrent enrollment will also not be included in the 30-credit requirement unless you have attended another college or university for at least one semester after high school graduation.
  • The 30 required hours need to be completed at the time of application.

If you have taken college courses in Utah or at BYU-Idaho, see our Articulation Guides for which credits will transfer to the U. This guide is specific for the University of Utah and identifies articulated courses; it does not indicate how these courses might apply to a major and/or institution graduation requirements. Please reference our Getting Ready Guides for more information about how courses transfer into a specific major.

Yes. You must have transcripts from every institution you have previously attended, even if it was for just one course and even if the course was taken in high school (concurrent enrollment, etc.). You must also have official transcripts sent from the institution to our Office of Admissions directly. You cannot be the one to send them over. 

Yes! UOnline Programs students qualify for the same types of federal financial aid as on-campus students and may qualify for some scholarships. For more information, visit the Financial Aid website.

This worksheet outlines the general education and bachelor's degree requirements. Talk to your advisor about the requirements for your major.

Yes! Visit the Veterans Support Center for more information.

Please visit this website for information about how to contact admissions, advising, and more.


Last Updated: 7/12/22